Apr. 1st, 2006 01:09 pm
It's my last shift at Blockbuster tomorrow, and in the last three years at Blockbuster i could have had a possible 1248 free rentals. I've had a measley 338. Guess i've saved the company a little bit of money :o) I honestly didn't think i'd regret making the decision to go. Don't get me wrong - I love my new job, and i wouldn't resign, but if Claire asked me tomorrow to stay, and maybe do night shifts instead...i'd say yes in a heartbeat. *Shrugs* But that's life i guess.

Also: Check out this site, and listen to Kaven's Lullaby. You don't need to download anything, just enter the site. But Kaven's Lullaby - it's absolutely beautiful.

I forced my Dad (who is a musician) to listen to it:
Dad: Hey this is pretty good
Me: I know! I could listen to this all day.
Dad: So who is he?
Me: Joe...y'a know the guy who was in my geography class in St. David's
Dad: .....
Me: I saw Two Towers with him?
Dad: Oh him! The guy you went on a date with!
Me: *Cringing* It wasn't a date - it was just two friends going to the cinema together
Dad: But you still went with him


In other news:

Guess who's going to Gatecon in August?

I got the job as Lunch Time Supervisor.

And i quit Blockbusters.

I'm at the point now where i'm wondering what the hell i'm doing.
This story that i'm looking for, isn't a fanfic story...i think possibly it may be a Hans Christian Anderson story...but i'm not 100% certain. Ever since Narnia came out, the name and contents of this story has been bugging if anyone can help me, i would be oh, so grateful!

It has 2 children in it, possibly brother and sister, and one of the name's begins with 'G' (No it isn't Hansel and Gretel - mwah). There's an ice queen in it ([ profile] ice_queen82's name has also added to the story coming back to me), who i think has a mirror which shatters into lots of pieces, and a shard of the mirror pierces the boys heart(?), and makes him the Queen's servant, and he becomes very cold hearted. I think he's given the task of finding all the mirrors pieces to fix it, but he can't find the last piece (since it's in his heart). The girl, (possibly beginning with G...Gertrude?) tries to get him to recognise her, but he doesn't care. Something happens to her, which makes the boy cry, which gets rid of the shard of mirror from him, and returns him back to normal. in my family recognises the story, but i know i saw it in the theatre when i was a little girl, and consequently have the story in a book...but the book is up in the attic due to decorating, and so i cannot get a hold of it to re-familiarise myself with it. This story was a favourite of mine, and the fact i can't remember it is really doing my head in!! Help?

In other news...still not feeling very positive about work - actually sat and discussed the possibility of quitting with my mum last night, which, even though it's a very nice thought, doesn't change the fact that i have an easy job at work, what with my hours, and the jobs i do there are a lot of customers i would miss...and maybe, 4 members of staff (Helen, James, Steve and [ profile] akira42)

Off to choose the London Musical i'm going to see for my birthday now!

New Year

Jan. 2nd, 2006 09:15 pm
Well...two days into the New Year and things in my life are already interesting.

Slight disagreements are never fun in work, especially when you are one of the involved parties. But 24 hours later, and i'm still really annoyed about things...and the more i think about it, the angrier i get.

On the other hand, Christmas was great, New Year was good, and on the whole, 2005 went a lot better than 2004. Now that my health is finally getting back on track, my life is starting to settle down, with work, courses, primary school reading, and a newly developed social life. (me?)

I have posted more in this journal this year than last year, reviewed more stories, met new i guess my last years resolution for LJ has been met.

I'm still rubbish at replying to emails ([ profile] lori_dee, i will reply to that email you sent me months ago), and the story i'm writing hasn't really progressed much in this last year. But i brought a writing journal today, and decided that i will write 100 words of something every day for this year. Which will give me 36500 words eventually. Mwah.

And oh! A new Claimed story is up. And seeing that seriously made up for all the badness i felt about work yesterday.

I need a McShep icon.

Here's to 2006! :o)
*Does a little dance* I had to go for blood tests today!

You go to the doctors for really bad ear ache, deafness and sore throat...and you end up with blood tests. Not bad eh? Although i feel really guilty for missing 3 days of work...but Claire's been rather cool about it all.

In other still feels like i'm underwater.

See ya saturday [ profile] akira42! Will remember to bring Black Hawk Down with me!
So before christmas i book 15th of January off because it's my brothers birthday.

Which day does my manager decided to put me down for working? Hmm...let me guess. If i can't get that shift off, my brother can't have his party - as i am needed to babysit my little sister fingers crossed that i can have it off.

Bearing in mind, when my friend told her i couldn't work it all she said was 'And?' And....I BOOKED IT OFF LAST MONTH!!!! grr....

And now a look at some figures:

Date: December 2003. Hours worked: 26.75 Amount Paid: £120.37
Date: December 2004. Hours worked: 27.89 Amount Paid: £106.74

I'm on a higher wage, working more hours, and i'm earning less. Bloody emergancy tax is taking at least 20% of my wage EACH WEEK.

I'm not a very happy camper tonight. [ profile] luthienberen I still have no idea about when to meet up, because i dont know if my manager will/what day she will switch my shift to. I'm working wednesday...but apart from that i have no idea. *bangs head against wall* Shall we pencil in sometime next year?

Abu...when are you going to get a livejournal?! I found the funkiest thing this evening - communities for blockbuster employees!! Have joined [ profile] bbv and [ profile] _blockbuster_. Get an account so that you can join and hear their customer stories too!

Does anyone else thing the word 'work' looks strange? It looks like it should be pronounced 'wooork' or 'wok'...anyone? *shrugs* guess its just me then.

And as for [ profile] the_leaky and [ profile] outside_leaky...i have only one thing to say....Dean please please please dont do anything with Oliver! I love you and Seamus together!!!!

End rambling.



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