Jun. 13th, 2006 08:09 pm
Since i've had a rather crap day concerning Joan, a dinner lady that has decided to make my life a misery, i've decided to treat myself with a new banner.

As much as i liked the old one, i thought i should go for a more general one, for when i get fed up with the SG:A fandom (which i really don't think will happen anytime soon) and so that i don't come across as too obsessed with John and Rodney. Again, it's not brilliant because i'm still learning, but i rather like it ♥ plus, this layout has grown on me as well, so i've decided to keep it :o)

I've finished 'Firefly' and i'm now dragging out 'Serenity', and i can say with all honesty, that if the show hadn't been cancelled, it would so have been my favourite programme. Also, why did no-one tell me Sheppard Book dies?! I've prepared myself for Wash to go, but Book came as a shock...unless he isn't really dead, and lets face it, Joss Whedan likes to do that. (And yes - the lyrics in the banner are from the 'Firefly' theme tune 'Battle of Serenity' - they're absolutely gorgeous IMO)

I've also given in with 'Supernatural', and in a fit of madness have hopped on the Sam/Dean Wincest bandwagon - there's some surprisingly good stuff going around...and yes - i disgust myself sometimes.

And oh! Seamus and Dean returned to [ profile] outside_leaky for their one-year wedding anniversary special! *Pets teh boys* The 'Leaky' verse isn't the same without them - reading it made me realize how much i missed them there.

[ profile] luthienberen, i read that latest know you can always talk to me right?

ETA: I take that back - i hadn't prepared myself for Wash to die. Okay...well the death i could deal with. Zoe's response was heartbreaking - and the brief funeral scene got me teary. Not to mention the dinosaurs still at the helm. And Book stays dead. Wah.

I'm back!

Jun. 1st, 2006 01:56 pm
After much pain and torture i finally got rid of the coursework pieces (last one went in the post an hour ago), although i must confess i may have cheated just a little bit on the internet thing. I also played 108 games of freecell, and read all the stories that i had on my hard drive in order to avoid working. But still! It's all over until July!

I've spent the last week watching 'Firefly'...and i honestly don't understand why they cancelled the show. My aunt has been going on and on about it every time i've seen her this last year, and i didn't have the channel so i managed to avoid watching it for so long. I brought the box set in March, and after watching the first 5 minutes promptly turned it off. Until this week.

I'm now 1 and 1/2 episodes away from the end, and i'm trying to drag it out as long as possible. 'Serenity' the film should be arriving on the weekend, so i'll have a bit more to watch although i'm dreading it, because apparently Wash dies. They kill off my favourite character. And Zoe/Wash...i finally found a het pairing i love and they go and kill off the husband :o( Their relationship wasn't 'in your face' and it was mainly about the little touches. *Points to icon* They're so beautiful together. Nasssty Joss Whedan.

Oh! And 'X-Factor Battle of the Stars'! How awful is the majority of the singing? I must confess that although the Chefs are terrible, they're so funny to watch! But Chris Moyles all the way baybey!

Off to take the others to the cinema now to see 'The Wild'. Ciao!



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