May. 21st, 2006 07:45 pm
As soon as i've posted this, i'm going to be unplugging the internet for the next 7 - 10 days. Why? I have 2 pieces of coursework due in, in the next 2 weeks and there's no way they're going to get done as long as i have access to McShep fanfiction. I have absolutely no restraint when it comes this - so i have to remove the distraction...therefore: no internet.

Hopefully it will work, because lets face it - the longer i'm offline, the more fics i'm missing, so i'm hoping that they will provide the so called 'carrot in front of my nose' to motivate me.

I went ice skating again today...and i fell over spectacularly - consequently, i've badly hurt my coccyx. It's absolute agony to walk, and even worse sitting down, so i'm highly dosing on painkillers. I'm woman enough to admit that when it happened, the pain was so bad everything blacked out, and i couldn't hear the music or people talking to me - plus i completely lost the concept of time. I'm not sure whether i should be concerned that this is the second time in 3 weeks that i have/nearly fainted. I'm not a fainter.

I haven't gotten into the new Big Brother yet - and i doubt i will, but it's been on the news that the 2 Welsh housemates have been banned from speaking welsh to each other because other contestants see it as speaking a code. People! there are 2 3/4 million people living in Wales - trust me when i say it isn't a secret language...even Elvish fanatics of the 'Lord of the Rings' films would be able to understand the odd welsh word - because they used welsh for some of it.

Why oh why is there no decent Foreman/Chase fanfiction? Ever since my dream about them, i've been craving slash about them - but can i find any good stuff? No...all the stuff i've found is rather mediocre...i think the SGA fandom has completely ruined me for quality. :o(

Anyway, see everyone on the other side! *Waves*
I went ice-skating today for the first time in eight years...it's kinda wierd to think that the last time i went, i didn't have a sister.

I'd forgotten how much fun it was!

And i only fell over once - that's less than anyone else in my family. *Nods*



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