Just a quick pit-stop for my quarterly lj update.

Quick backstory a minute: i have an uncle that taught me how to sail his boat for my silver Duke of Edinburgh award several years ago (And consequently caused me to fall in love with sailing. We used to race other people around Flat Holm and Steep Holm - which was a lot of fun. Apart from the time i wacked my head really hard on the sail pole. Which lucky for me isn't relevant at all to this story. ;o) )

But anyway, cue present day: my mum has just rung me to say they're filming 'The Sarahjane Adventures' over at Penarth today, which is cool. (For those who aren't familiar, SJA is a Doctor Who spin off with one of the Doctor's old companions, but is more 'kid' based.) But not as cool as the fact that apparently there's a scene with a magician of some sort, and he turns an old boat into a brand spanking new boat. And the new boat they're using? Is my uncles boat. He's had to leave work for an hour to go and make sure everything goes smoothly with the filming of it (And to make sure they don't do any damage). Whether his boat will be used more in the episode i don't know yet...but still! I don't watch the SJA, but i think, when that episode airs, i'll have to watch it. :o)

I saw Girls Aloud last night at the Cardiff CIA with my friend Sam. In order not to look too sad, we took my 10-soon-to-be-11 year old Little Sister with us. Two of the supporting acts were quite good (although Billiam Boyband reminded me of a cross between 5ive and A1 but oh how i love my boybands. Hehehe). Girls Aloud were brilliant, doing plenty of their older songs intermingled with the Tangled Up album...i'd love to see them again. Although my attention kept being taken with their male dancers who were incredibly fit. And toned. And gorgeous. *Drools*



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