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From Library
  • Adams, Guy - Torchwood: The House that Jack Built
  • Anghelides, Peter - Torchwood: Pack Animals
  • Crichton, Michael - Prey
  • David, Peter - Star Trek New Frontier: Treason
  • Ford, Phil - Torchwood: Skypoint
  • Galanter, Dave; Gibson, Alison; Killiany, Kevin; Kupperberg, Paul; Mack, David Ward, Dayton and Dilmore, Kevin - Star Trek Corps of Engineers: Grand Designs
  • Bick, Ilsa, J.; DeCandido, Keith, R., A,; Ordover, John, J.; Osborne, Terri; Rushton, Cory - Star Trek Corps of Engineers: Wounds
  • Leisner, William; Kinniany, Kevuin; Weldon, Phaedra M.; Jeschonek, Robert T. - Star Trek Corps of Engineers: Out of the Coccoon
  • Irvine, Alex - Iron Man: Virus
  • Galgut, Damon - The Good Doctor  **
  • Gould, Steven - Reflex
  • Lewis, Caryl - Martha, Jack and Shanco  **
  • Lewycka, Marina - A Short History of Tractors in Ukranian  **
  • Maguire, Gregory - Wicked
  • Malcolm, Sally - SG1: The Cost of Honor
  • Miller, Karen - SG1: Alliances
  • Morris, Mark - Torchwood: Bay of the Dead
  • Nation, Terry - Survivors
  • Nemirovsky, Irene - Jezebel  **
  • Pinborough, Sarah - Torchwood: Into the Silence
  • Ryan, Chris - Flash Flood
  • Scott, Michael - The Alchemyst: The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel
  • Thomas, Jeffrey - Blue War
  • Wells, H. G - The Invisible Man
  • Wells, H. G - The Island of Doctor Moreau
  • Wells, H. G - The Time Machine
  • Whitelaw, Sonny and Christensen, Beth - SGA: Exogenesis
  • Whitfield, Kim - Bareback
  • Wright, Ronald - A Scientific Romance
  • Zahn, Timothy - Night Train To Rigel
  • Riordan, Rick - Percy Jackson: The Demigod Files
  • Green, Roger Lancelyn - Tales of the Greek Heroes
  • Lanyon, Josh - Adrien English: Fatal Shadows
  • Lanyon, Josh - Adrien English: A Dangerous Thing
  • Lanyon, Josh - Adrien English: The Hell You Say
  • Lanyon, Josh - Adrien English: Death of a Pirate King
  • Lanyon, Josh - Adrien English: Dark Tide
  • Lanyon, Josh - Somebody Killed his Editor
  • Riordan, Rick - Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief
  • Riordan, Rick - Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters
  • Riordan, Rick - Percy Jackson and the Titan's Curse
  • Riordan, Rick - Percy Jackson and the Battle of the Labyrinth
  • Riordan, Rick - Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian

From Grandma
  • Niffenegger, Audrey - The Time Traveler's Wife

From Naomi
  • Nicholls, David - One Day  **

** = Book Club Books

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