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I usually hate getting dragged into Cardiff to do family shopping, purely because i am relegated to 'bag carrier', however today was somewhat awesome as when we were in H&M i was trailing along minding my own business when i look up and see John Barrowman with his parter Scott in the line for the tills. My response to that? I promptly u-turn and think to myself perhaps i've watched too much YouTube because last night i was watching him singing I am what I am, and then there he was standing no more than a few metres away from him. I walk calmly over to my siblings (or as calmly as i could while hyperventilating and my legs going shaky, because while i've seen him in the Christmas panto, it's not the same as seeing him in H&M of all places) and tell them that John Barrowman is at the tills.

They looked very strangly at me before asking me if i was being serious and then we resumed our path with my internal dialogue going something like *ohitsjohnbarrowmanjohnbarrowmanjohnbarrowman!* and then the man who i claimed to be John opens his mouth and starts talking in a really loud american accent to which my Little Sister says "okay perhaps it IS John Barrowman" and we catch the end of his conversation with him saying "...very big, and i'm not talking about the eyes" with laughter from Scott and the till person. Which leads me to believe they were having an extremely dirty conversation, and oh how i wished i'd been a part of it!

We ended up seeing JB several times in the following 10 minutes all over the place, and did i at any point go up to him and ask for his autograph? No. *cries*

But just seeing him made my shopping trip!
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