I may seem like a complete idiot when i say this but: i never knew cows could be so big!

As the schools are switching to more 'hands on' learning with the introduction of the Foundation Phase, my school had a cow brought in on Friday to teach the 4 - 7 year olds where milk comes from and how to milk a cow.  The children then made milkshake/smoothies with the milk they had obtained from the cow, and several farmers wives came in to make bread with the children.

Now i'm 5'6" roughly, and the cow?  The body came up to my nose.  Seriously....i just stood there and my jaw dropped.  Because cow = BIG cow.

But oh so funny...one six year old was talking to me and said "you'll never believe this...but there's a cow in the school.  The Head Teacher wouldn't believe me when i told him." Hee...it's so funny baiting children sometimes.  I tried very hard to keep a straight face because i knew at that precise minute the Head and Assistant Head were cleaning up a pile of cow dung that the cow had very kindly donated.

And oh how i'm getting fed up of my Dad telling me he's seen Torchwood filming....and yet whenever i go to Cardiff, that's apparently their day off.  S'no fair :o(

[livejournal.com profile] luthienberen , i promise i'm not ignoring you - yahoo is doing my head in at the moment taking ages to load all the time - i've temporarily given up...i don't know if it's just me.
Way, way back, like, 12 years ago, Pogs was a game that took over many schools.  I remember playing Pogs every break-time and lunch time.  And yesterday i caved on e-bay and brought a few more boxes packs to add to my rather worn collection.  Having sorted through my collection, it has come to my attention that i am missing only 1 Pog from the Series 2 collection to make it's completion.  Which is rather frustrating.  1 Pog!  I'm currently debating the worth of hunting down that last Pog in order to ease that obsessive compulsion of having a complete set.  Not to mention i may have started collecting the Pogs World Tour series too.  Oh the kini's are so pretty.

Okay.  Dilemma time.  My friend is having a birthday party next week which i have been invited to go to, to which i've said yes, and am regretting it immensely.  Someone please come up with a good excuse for me to use to not go.  Everytime i see this group of 4 friends, 3 of them sit there telling the world how wonderful their life is, how much they're making, how their child is doing, their latest promotion, how the wedding planning is going etc. etc.  I don't think i can listen to that again.  Because me? I can't handle their judgement again.  I love my job as a dinner lady.  I also know it's temporary until i finish my degree and teachers assistant training...but all they see is 'dinner lady', which does not equal something worthwhile.  And it gets me down which equals to me not wanting to go.  But i don't want to be rude.  So please.  Any excuses?

But anywayz.....Pogs!
According to Gateword, Don S. Davis (General Hammond) died from a heart attack on Sunday.  I was actually really shocked when i found out, because although i knew he left SG1 due to heart related issues, i guess i assumed he was doing okay now, especially since he's in the new Stargate Continuum movie.  I think i'm going to find it strange watching the film now i think...watching it and knowing that that's the last time i'm going to see him in anything.  (Like watching the new Batman film with Heath in).  He was definitely my favourite Stargate Command boss. 


My personality type: the good-natured realist

Good-natured Realist (GR)
Good-natured Realists are warm-hearted, helpful personalities. They do their work conscientiously and have a pronounced organising talent. They often feel they are committed to traditional values. The family in particular is extremely important to Good-natured Realists. Their greatest pleasure is making themselves useful and taking care of other people. But they do not like pushing themselves to the fore; they prefer to fulfil their tasks out of the limelight. Good-natured Realists are real workaholics; they are very reliable and nothing is too much for them when it is a question of completing a project. Thoroughness, conscientiousness and sense of duty are their strongest points. They prefer established and familiar situations to new and unknown situations.

In dealing with others, Good-natured Realists are considerate and obliging; they are always happy to put aside their own requirements in the interest of their family and friends. Their home is mostly very well cared-for, cosy and tidy. Their perfectionism on the one hand and their aversion to delegating tasks on the other hand often lead to them taking on too much both professionally and privately. They cannot stand discord; conflicts make them very unhappy. One could almost describe them as being harmony-addicted - and this sometimes leads them to strongly neglecting themselves and their own wishes because they are unable to bring themselves to put up a fight.

Good-natured Realists dream of a stable and trusting relationship for life. Marriage and family are very important to them. They take care of their partner attentively and lovingly and put up with a lot for a harmonious relationship. They are also loyal and reliable friends. However, they can be very hurt if their interpersonal commitment is taken for granted for too long.

Adjectives which describe your type
introverted, practical, emotional, planning, tradition-conscious, good-natured, self-sacrificing, caring, devoted, friendly, loyal, considerate, reliable, conscientious, loving, quiet, reserved, modest, helpful, objective, hard-working, warm-hearted, communicative, painstaking, altruistic

These subjects could interest you
cooking, animals, family, music, trekking, camping, hiking, craftwork, nature, drawing/painting, astrology, spiritual matters, meditation

This is scarily accurate i think.
Just a quick pit-stop for my quarterly lj update.

Quick backstory a minute: i have an uncle that taught me how to sail his boat for my silver Duke of Edinburgh award several years ago (And consequently caused me to fall in love with sailing. We used to race other people around Flat Holm and Steep Holm - which was a lot of fun. Apart from the time i wacked my head really hard on the sail pole. Which lucky for me isn't relevant at all to this story. ;o) )

But anyway, cue present day: my mum has just rung me to say they're filming 'The Sarahjane Adventures' over at Penarth today, which is cool. (For those who aren't familiar, SJA is a Doctor Who spin off with one of the Doctor's old companions, but is more 'kid' based.) But not as cool as the fact that apparently there's a scene with a magician of some sort, and he turns an old boat into a brand spanking new boat. And the new boat they're using? Is my uncles boat. He's had to leave work for an hour to go and make sure everything goes smoothly with the filming of it (And to make sure they don't do any damage). Whether his boat will be used more in the episode i don't know yet...but still! I don't watch the SJA, but i think, when that episode airs, i'll have to watch it. :o)

I saw Girls Aloud last night at the Cardiff CIA with my friend Sam. In order not to look too sad, we took my 10-soon-to-be-11 year old Little Sister with us. Two of the supporting acts were quite good (although Billiam Boyband reminded me of a cross between 5ive and A1 but oh how i love my boybands. Hehehe). Girls Aloud were brilliant, doing plenty of their older songs intermingled with the Tangled Up album...i'd love to see them again. Although my attention kept being taken with their male dancers who were incredibly fit. And toned. And gorgeous. *Drools*
Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau

Mae hen wlad fy nhadau yn annwyl i mi,
Gwlad beirdd a chantorion, enwogion o fri;
Ei gwrol ryfelwyr, gwladgarwyr tra mâd,
Tros ryddid gollasant eu gwaed.

Gwlad, gwlad, pleidiol wyf i'm gwlad.
Tra môr yn fur i'r bur hoff bau,
O bydded i'r hen iaith barhau.

There's nothing more patriotic than hearing 80,000 people singing your national anthem. If you're curious what it sounds like and how the words are pronounced, just watch the vid. It puts a smile on my face every time.

Translation Under Cut )
Seeing as how it's been a few months since i last posted, i figured it was time to post an update on life :o)

Every year i make the resolution to be more active in lj, and to make more of an effort to respond to my friend's list...and this year was no exception - and i was going to! Until my computer broke. Over Christmas we were planning on reformatting the hard-drives on my computer as it hasn't been working properly for a long time now, so there i was, backing up everything on the new external hard-drive that i'd brought, when one of my drives chooses that moment to fail. Luckily i'd backed up the majority of stuff, but it turns out the computer motherboard died...so no computer. My poor brother took my computer with him back to Aberystwyth when he went back to uni, so hopefully i'll get it back February half term...Easter at the latest. Of it would happen just as my new course begins, which co-incidently relies heavily on the use of a computer. Luckily i have a nice family who don't mind me hogging theirs for the time being!

In other news...Torchwood has eaten my brain again. Seriously...there's another 11 episodes to go. There is no physical way i can possibly maintain the level of excitement that i have for Torchwood for another 11 weeks...i may possibly explode. But....Jack/Ianto!! How do i love thee...i love that it's canon (for now...i keep waiting to be disappointed...and i really hope i won't be), i love that it's hot...and i love that the kiss in my icon will be on tv tomorrow night. *dies* I will seriously explode. What with Stargate Atlantis becoming the love story for John and Rodney, and Jack and Ianto living the love story (With aliens as a bonus on both shows) live couldn't get any better!

I'm back working with two new kids last week...and already watching them progress and recognise new words fills me with so much glee - i can't believe i was planning on giving up the voluntary stuff....it's soooo fulfilling! When they get words right that they previously didn't know...it's confidence building for both me and them. It's so much fun!

And i think Joan is beginning to warm up to me now. In the past she used to undermine me with the children at lunchtime, and make sarky comments but lately she's been much nicer and is actually talking to me, and she's started bringing me pudding from the kitchen after all the kids are gone. I hated school dinners when i was at that school, but i loved the pudding...and now i'm getting them again!

And today i received mail from the Open University announcing that i've won the 'Julian Hodge Award' , for getting a distinction in my T172 Technology course. I've been invited to an awards ceremony on my birthday, where i will get a certificate and a cheque for £225 and they want me to write a profile that they can send to the local newspapers and use in the OU magazines. Don't think i'll be doing that bit...i hate getting any sort of public attention, so i'm not sure whether to go the awards ceremony. But! That money covers half the cost for this new course i'm doing! Working hard literally pays!

Are you guys all okay? *Pokes friends list*

*Goes back to staring at The Icon Of Love*
Happy Birthday luthienberen!

Hope you're having a lovely day and that you got lots of nice presents! :o) Six years of friendship! It's such a relief knowing that I have someone on the same wavelength as me...no matter how *coughs* gutter-like it may be - here's to another six years! (Hopefully at some point we will be able to crawl out of the gutter we fell in.....) Did the card arrive on time?
Just a quick update to let people know i'm still alive (i'm not supposed to be playing on the internet at the moment until my exams are over, but Peter Petrelli was summoning me to obtain Mondays episode of Heroes....)

One exam down, one more to go! You know, i'd completely forgotten how painful it is to write for 3 hours straight...my hand kept cramping - i'm just not used to writing large amounts anymore *sniffs*. I dread to think what the examiner will make of my handwriting - it started off all nice and pretty, and by page 12 i was looking at it and thinking 'what the heck did i write there?' Still, am on a post-exam high right now *bounces*. One week to go!!!

Something else that fills me with glee: Reports announcing that Vin Diesel and Paul Walker are in talks for 'The Fast and the Furious 4'. Just the chance that it might happen fills me with happiness. I adored their characters Dom and Brian in the first film (and second film for Paul), and i REALLY hope they both sign - i want more of their gay love! If only to encourage people to write more fanfic in that fandom, because there isn't enough. Okay, yes, i selfishly want Maygra to write more in her 'Unfinished Business' 'verse, because that series is my all time favourite piece of fanfiction - it's my happy place, so more of it would be fantabulous!

[livejournal.com profile] luthienberen, i've done half of TWWC...i'm doing bits in my revision breaks, but i'm not quite done yet. I'm really really sorry! *grovels*


Aug. 27th, 2007 03:14 pm
*Dusts off LJ* Does this thing still work?

I know i'm bad at updating this - but i think i now have a new record - nearly 4 months without updating? I've impressed myself!

I've spent the last few months working on assignments and projects (one about local municipal waste, the other about succession on sand dunes), and some of the pressure has finally lifted. Thank goodness for school summer holidays - i don't think i would have managed it if i'd had to work as well! But still, only 2 more assigments to go, then the exams. We've decided that we're going to be doing Gatecon in October - and that's the day after my final exam, so i've got something to look forward too! Colin Cunningham is attending again (Major Paul Davis), Teryl Rothery will be there (Dr. Janet Frasier) and Carmen Armensomething (who plays Jacob Carter...i can never remember his surname), so i'm quite looking forward to it! My parents are paying this time, so it means i may still be able to do Peg 3 in January.

High School Musical 2. Is it sad that as old as i am, i love a good sing-a-long and love those films? I saw 'Hairspray' earlier this week, and while i thought it was a bit too long, i loved the soundtrack - there's some really good songs on there! I also saw 'Transformers'...another love of my childhood - my brother and sister both enjoyed it, and i did too! And they both agreed that 'Rush Hour 3' was much funnier than 'The Simpsons Movie'. I'm not a big Simpson fan...but i thought the film was crap.

I got back last night from seeing Les Miserables in London on saturday...absolutely brilliant performance. They had John Owen-Jones playing Jean Valjean, who is the most amazing singer, and blows me away every time. Here is a recording of him singing 'Bring Him Home' from Les Miserables sung at the Jones, Jones, Jones concert in Cardiff a few months ago (and for those wondering - the introduction is in Welsh) which shows not only his vocal range, but his strength as well - everytime i hear him sing that song, i get shivers down my spine. The first time my mum and i saw him was in 2002, playing Valjean in London, then in 2004 we saw him quite by accident playing the role of the Phantom in the Phantom of the Opera in the West End, and this time we deliberately picked to see him again. What can i say? He's Welsh, good-looking and has a beautiful voice - what more could a girl want? ♥
So on Saturday, after my very interesting tutorial *cough cough*, i decided that i would go to see 'Sunshine' in the cinema. You know, this was a film that i'd seen advertised and thought it would be one of those 'end of the world' sci-fi films that i do so love. And i couldn't find anyone to go with. So being the brave person that i am, went to see it on my own.

Now i wish i'd seen it with someone else...just so i could actually talk to someone who's seen it as well. Because Sunshine? I am incredibly in love with. I'm not going to spoil it for anyone who's thinking about seeing it...but really, if you are thinking of going - go already! It's not your normal doomsday film. They all pale in comparison. The soundtrack is the most awesome soundtrack i've ever heard (and i own quite a large number of soundtracks), and it set the tone of the film so brilliantly. The cinematography was beautiful, the acting was great, the characters were 3D, and the plot was developed very tastefully, but really, the plot wasn't the main focus - it was the characters. I'm so in love enough with it that i downloaded it (and it isn't even that great a quality), just to tide me over 'til the DVD comes out...because this film deserves to make money. Has anyone else seen it?

And because everyone else is doing it:

Although i don't understand why the film is called 'The Golden Compass'...none of the books are named that but I really do hope that they do do the books justice!

ETA: [livejournal.com profile] luthienberen - thank you for letting me know that the friends list can be filtered...have finally found out how to do it, and have now sorted everything into categories! You have saved me major pains...this will make it so much easier not to miss out on the posts i actually want to see :o) See you Sat!
It's highly unlikely that i'll be posting again before Easter (because, let's face it, i'm terrible at updating this thing!), so i just want to wish everyone and anyone who reads this entry a VERY HAPPY EASTER!

Life has been rather busy of late with my courses, but i'm still semi-enjoying them. I have a first-aid course to attend to tomorrow for work, which will be a lot of fun as i get to humiliate myself doing CPR on a dummy. I know it's important, but the last time i had to do that was in front of my form class 10 years ago (I wasn't that close to the majority of my form, as they made my life hell for the first few years)...but still, the memory is slightly tingeing my feelings about tomorrow. 

I had what was hopefully my last hospital appointment on friday, and to celebrate, i took the younger siblings to see the new 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle' film.  Can i just step out of my closet for a moment to admit that the two major childhood loves that have continued into adulthood are the 'Turtles' and 'Thunderbirds'?  Seriously...i could watch these shows anytime, and will always watch any new releases.  So we went, and we saw...and it was cheesy as hell, and i loved it. 

Also! as Little Sister came out of school half-an-hour ago, she handed me a bag and said 'that's for you'. When i looked inside there was Dairy Milk easter egg with a home-made easter card that had been made and signed by her whole class. I just...the card makes me all teary and happy and actually good about myself, because, while i don't read with the whole class, they know me from the canteen, and as L.S' big sister, and although they all signed their names: the majority of the 17 i read with every week all wrote little comments in it for me...and that means SO much to me, i can't even say, because everytime i think about it, i get this huge smile on my face. Like this J.

Happy Easter! xxx
My dad has recently expressed a desire to watch 'Torchwood', so last night i provided him with the first three episodes.

It was only later that i realized that i had neglected to tell him that each of the main characters share a same sex kiss with different character at some point during the series. My bad. He's rather homophobic, so i wonder whether he'll get any further than the first episode.

My nine year old sister on the other hand had this conversation with me on the weekend regarding 'Torchwood':

Sister: Rae - can i watch the Jack and Ianto kiss? (You know that kiss)
Me: Why?
Sister: Because
Me: Because why?
Sister: Because!
Me: But Becky - it's two guys kissing
Sister: But it's romantic!

And then, when we were watching 'Greeks Bearing Gifts', (Episode 7 of 'Torchwood') and Toshiko was kissing Mary...the only comment my sister made was "They're kissing in public!" She gets all giggly about PDA as she's at that age. But the girl/girl kissing that took place? Didn't even strike her as odd. She's definitely a modern age kid. :o)

And why did no-one tell me that John Barrowman could really sing? I mean...i was told. But i wasn't told told.
So I watched '3 x 17 - Sunday' of Stargate Atlantis last night (the one that's just aired in Canada), and without spoiling the episode, all i have to say about it is: I haven't cried watching an episode of Stargate since Daniel died in Season 5. I'm quite an emotional person, and i do tend to empathise - when someone is upset, i get upset (even if it's just a soap), and i'll admit i cry very easily...i was close to tears watching '3 x 14 - Tao of Rodney' the other week. But 'Sunday'? Broke. my. heart. I don't think i'll be able to watch the last half of that ever again. Well, except the part with (Highlight for slight spoiler) John talking to Teyla in his dress blues *drools* (with the sound turned off - because i can't listen to the subject).  But no. Never again.

And in other news: this whole Celebrity Big Brother debacle. It's like a car accident - you don't want to look, but you can't turn away. Every year i tell myself 'i wont watch it', and i always do. This has to be the worst series of it ever though. I sit there watching it in shock over the behaviour of Jade and her cronies - i feel SO sorry for Shilpa in there. I'm just glad she has people she can talk to in there, even if they don't stick up for her. And just to be really shallow - doesn't Dirk Benedict look great for 61? I would have thought he was early 50's - not 60's.

E.T.A Spoilers in comments.
♥ Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] luthienberen! ♥

Despite the pain you and your family have been through lately, i truly hope you have a wonderful day. *Hugs* I'm so glad to have a friend such as you in my life! I'm hoping that your card arrived on time, although knowing the post, that won't be the case. So...sorry if your card is late!! :o)
I think i've just done something monumentally stupid.

So i was taking Becky to school just now, and on the way home, just around the corner from my house (i live about 8 minutes walk away from the school), there was a little boy crying his eyes out, with two old ladies, and a father with his son on the way up to the school trying to calm him down.

Now, I know this little boy. (Okay, he's nine - not so little). I read with him every monday, i talk to him in the canteen, i see him back and for every day to the school with his mum, and he's one of Becky's best friends. But the people trying to calm him down didn't know who i was.

Turns out, Tom had forgotten his drink, and his dinner money, and he wasn't feeling very well. His mum had dropped him off at the school gates like normal, and when he realised he'd forgotten his stuff, he'd left the school grounds, and tried to find his mum...BY WALKING DOWN THE MAIN ROAD.

So these trusting strangers, leave Tom to my care...since i know him, and he's calmed down a bit. So i walk him back to his home - to see if his mum has arrived there (which she hadn't). We spent 10 minutes waiting in the hallway outside the flat to see if she'd turn up (which she didn't), so i started to take him back to the school. Luckily, we met his mum en route, so i left him in her capable care.

But i put myself in such a compromisable position. I didn't have my phone on me to contact the school to let them know that i had him and for 20 minutes, technically, Tom was missing. He'd disappeared off the school grounds, and he wasn't in family care.

I know i'm not a stranger to the kids at the school, and that i wouldn't do anything to harm any of them...but it terrifies me that someone could report for doing what i did today. There are four people out there who can say that they saw me take Tom...and it scares me that they took me at my word that i knew him - they didn't actually check with Tom...none of them offered to walk with me to make sure i didn't do anything. And it's frightening.

What if his mum decides to report me for kidnapping? The police could come round my house and check my computer, and discover mountains of slash on computer...and decide that i'm a dodgy character? I know it sounds ridiculous...but i'm really worried that this could happen.

Was doing what i did the wrong thing to do?
I finally got my results to the course i finished in June. *Giggles crazily*. I got a distinction! People will probably think i'm showing off (which of course i am!) but ever since my health started going crazy, i was only getting just passable grades - so this is the first time in ages that i'm actually happy with my grade. *Bounces*

Carry on.
Okay...i think livejournal hates me. A lot of people have funky colours and different sized texts in the LJ user info - why doesn't mine let me do the same? When you look at mine, it's all in the same colour, and the same size. But i've got the coding there for different colouring AND sizing - if i copy and paste my user info text (from the edit page) into this journal entry...it looks all sparkly: yet it doesn't on the user info page. *Bashes LJ* Why not? What am i doing wrong?

Also - i've read several journals where people have posted comments about taking their nanowrimo to work, and/or posting parts of it to their journal. I thought it wasn't meant to start until November? *Confused* Am i meant to have begun already or are these people cheating? If they're starting early, maybe i should...Lord knows i need all the time i can get.

LB - i'm still attempting iconsesss for you. *Offers you flower icon* Do you want this one as a downpayment? Hehehe...I promise i will make a pretty Daniel icon for you...eventually. *Bashes Paintshop* Why won't you do what i want you to do?

Maybe it's just my computer.
I'm back! Had an absolutely fantastic time in Switzerland and have literally taken about 600 photos - i'm hoping that some of them will actually be decent...i've taken enough! But the whole country was brilliant...spent a couple of days in Ouchy (Lausanne) and Geneva and a week each in Interlaken and Susten, and we spent every single day outside doing things like going up the Jungfraujoch and Saas Fee and swimming in Lake Thun (bloody freezing). But it's so beautiful there! And the cows really do have bells on (i took so many recordings of the sound). And the mountains really do have snow on them in the summer - and i got a suntan while having a snowball fight...how cool!! And...and...and....wait for it...they have whole towns where cars aren't allowed! For those that don't know me in real life - i'm a bit of a greeny...so the whole no car thing was incredible, and the air was so clean!

I'm ready to go back.

But it seems that all the good stuff happens while i'm away! I come back and Cassie Claire has finally finished the 'Draco Trilogy'. While i've grown out of that story...it was nice to finally have closure for it, knowing there's no more chapters coming - i mean 'Draco Veritas' was started back in 2001 - so it's kind of nice being able to close the door on that particular fic.

And Lance Bass from *NSYNC has come out as being gay. Why did i have to be away when he announced that? I love *NSYNC. I used to read slash about *NSYNC (albeit, none about Lance)...but i came across it completely by accident! If i hadn't gone far enough back in someone's journal to see what i'd missed i'd never have known (and what sort of fan would that have made me?) But anyway....go Lance! Which reminds me in Geneva, i saw two biker men (you know the kind: long beards and leather) holding hands walking down the street...and that made me smile :o) Although...whether the smile was in support of two men holding hands in public or because it was two biker men - i'm not sure.

And i've caught up on the last three weeks of SG:A and SG1. I take back everything i said about Atlantis in my last post. The last couple of episodes of it were really good...and then you had Sadeta. I'm not a big Ronan fan (heck i think everyone knows i'm a Sheppard and McKay girl) - but that episode completely blew me away. Possibly my favourite episode of the entire 3 series, it was that good. And SG1 has so far remained the same standard which i'm surprised about. I'm really enjoying this series a lot more than the last one. It's Stargate SG1 again. Remusly...they've all gone back to the beginning - back to what i loved about the show.

Gatecon in 4 days!
People know i'm a big Stargate fan right? And that since SG:A began, my loyalties from SG1 have shifted over to the Pegasus galaxy...because SG1 has frankly become quite boring.

But after watching the series premiere's for season 10 of SG1 and season 3 of SG:A - i have to say i preferred SG1's opener. I've read so many reviews of people saying how much they loved Atlantis' opener - but i really didn't like it. I think i must be the only person who didn't like the opener. The acting seemed off to me, and scenes seemed stilted, and Rodney seemed too forced like they were trying to hard to make him funny. I honestly didn't like it. SG1 on the other hand: okay so there were two moments where i thought WTF?! (namely Daniel and Cameron abandoning ship without even trying to save anyone else), but i enjoyed it so much more than Atlantis. Which is rather strange for me nowadays.

Maybe i just wasn't in the right frame of mind when i watched Atlantis...

Am off to Switzerland on Saturday, so this will be my last post for a couple of weeks. Not sure whether i'll post again before or after Gatecon, but we'll see. My german is improving! I've decided not to let it slip again, and will probably try to hunt out some german lj's so i can keep brushing up on it.

Hope everyone is enjoying the weather!

Take That

Jun. 23rd, 2006 11:26 am
I went to see Take That in the Millennium Stadium on Wednesday night - and i'm still buzzing! I think i'm doing everyone's head in with the (bad) singing...but i really don't seem to be able to help myself.

The concert was incredible. For those that don't know, Take That was the biggest group in the UK after The Beatles, but they split up 10 years ago. This come back tour? Okay so Robbie Williams didn't show, but the other guys still have enough power to achieve 65,000 fans...in my venue alone. They can still dance, they still look great - and boy can they sing! I wasn't the biggest fan of theirs...didn't know half the songs - but the atmosphere was just amazing. Especially when they made us sing the Welsh National Anthem. You can't possibly feel more patriotic than when 65,000 people break into the Anthem. *Happy sigh*

That was just to go with an already fantastic day. I love my job. Joan the Moan continuously tries to belittle me and embarrass me in front of everyone...but it's all worthwhile, when a 9 year old comes up to you with a chocolate bar and insists you have several pieces because "you're a special dinner lady". I just...chocolate aside - i couldn't have hoped for anything as nice to be said. Just thinking about it gets me emotional!

Also - happy birthday [livejournal.com profile] nakedwesley: despite the fact you're working and can't go to see Dave Matthew's, i hope you still have a fantastic day!



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