2012-03-09 08:39 pm

Kony 2012

Please watch and re-post:

I'm not necessarily endorsing this particular charity, nor should you take this video at face value. There are many, many articles on the internet that are as unbiased as they can be with many more details. But i do believe that people should be aware of what's happening, who don't know who Kony is, and this is why i've posted this to my journal.
2012-02-28 09:17 pm

What will your step be?

For the past 2 years i've been the backseat driver behind Fairtrade in my school. This year i've officially taken over as Fairtrade co-ordinator and as it's FairtradeFairtradeFairtrade for me in work at the moment due to Fairtrade Fortnight starting yesterday, i feel compelled to share the Fairtrade feeling with you all too ;o)

2011-12-31 09:06 pm
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2011 Round-up

This year i have:
★ Graduated with a 2.1 (Hons) in Environmental Studies with the Open University
★ Been in a car accident
★ Worked a 1-2-1 contract with a boy with dyslexia
★ Worked a 1-2-1 contract with a boy with autism
★ Moved from a supply contract to a permanent full-time contract in work
★ Brought a laptop
★ Joined a book club
★ Got PC fixed
★ Reached 10 pints donated with the Welsh Blood service
★ Saw 'Mamma Mia', 'Phantom of the Opera', 'Love Never Dies' and 'Rock of Ages' in London
★ Booked a cruise!

All in all, barring the car accident, it has been a very positive year!

2012 Targets:
★ Move out of the family home
★ Get new graphic card for my PC
★ Actually go on the cruise with [livejournal.com profile] luthienberen
★ See 'Wicked' in London (even if i have to go alone!)
★ Complete my Open University certificate in Contemporary Science
★ Lurk less on the internet (this is my target EVERY year - but i think i may achieve it once i've moved out!)
★ Be more dedicated to my faith

May you all have a fruitful 2012! HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!
2011-06-24 06:34 pm


Just opened my internet to see a news headline stating: [Missy Elliot fights Graves disease]  I find it hilarious that because she's a celebrity, they're treating it as if it's something as serious as cancer.  They refer to it as a 'condition' and state that Graves Disease affected "her motor skills and thyroid, before she suffered from symptoms like dizzy spells, lumps in the throat, mood swings, hair loss and bulging eyes."

I was diagnosed with Graves disease when i was 16 years old, and have been living with it for 10 years now, and it's really interesting, because to me, it's not a 'condition' and it's not as serious as cancer - it's just something that i have.  I was blessed in the respect that i didn't suffer from hair loss or bulging eyes (although they're things i have to watch out for)...however unlike Missy Elliot it destroyed my thyroid and i had to have it removed when i was 19, which resulted in a whole other load of problems.  Unlike Missy Elliot, i have to take medication for the rest of my life.

I find myself wondering whether anyone would want to write a news article about MY fight with Graves disease.  I somehow doubt it - i'm not famous.

2011-04-08 09:29 pm
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Emergency Services

Well, after today, my faith in the UK Emergency services has been completely destroyed.  So many police and ambulance staff present, so little compassion and too many sarcastic/rude comments.  Just because the other driver was pregnant does not automatically mean that she's the innocent party.  I am so angry right now. 
2011-03-09 05:15 pm
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We had a special visitor in work today....

Needless to say, the children (and the staff) loved it! I know i did - i've never touched anything worth £30,000 before ;o)
2010-08-02 08:00 pm

Shopping with family sometimes has its perks!

I usually hate getting dragged into Cardiff to do family shopping, purely because i am relegated to 'bag carrier', however today was somewhat awesome as when we were in H&M i was trailing along minding my own business when i look up and see John Barrowman with his parter Scott in the line for the tills. My response to that? I promptly u-turn and think to myself perhaps i've watched too much YouTube because last night i was watching him singing I am what I am, and then there he was standing no more than a few metres away from him. I walk calmly over to my siblings (or as calmly as i could while hyperventilating and my legs going shaky, because while i've seen him in the Christmas panto, it's not the same as seeing him in H&M of all places) and tell them that John Barrowman is at the tills.

They looked very strangly at me before asking me if i was being serious and then we resumed our path with my internal dialogue going something like *ohitsjohnbarrowmanjohnbarrowmanjohnbarrowman!* and then the man who i claimed to be John opens his mouth and starts talking in a really loud american accent to which my Little Sister says "okay perhaps it IS John Barrowman" and we catch the end of his conversation with him saying "...very big, and i'm not talking about the eyes" with laughter from Scott and the till person. Which leads me to believe they were having an extremely dirty conversation, and oh how i wished i'd been a part of it!

We ended up seeing JB several times in the following 10 minutes all over the place, and did i at any point go up to him and ask for his autograph? No. *cries*

But just seeing him made my shopping trip!
2010-07-26 01:47 pm
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Saw [Inception] in the cinema on Saturday, and after going in having read no reviews and only having seen the trailer once, it was easily the best film i've seen in a long time.

I'm not a huge Leonardo DiCaprio fan. In fact i'm not a fan of any of the actors in the film, but the whole concept of the film is just so fascinating, and when you leave the cinema, you're still thinking about it hours later, this crazy concept that's been created. Not to mention the soundtrack that Hans Zimmer has created for this film is just incredible and so fitting.

And then i go home, Google Arthur/Eames and there's an lj community with just pages and pages and pages of amazing fics for characters belonging to a film that has only been out just over a week. It just shows how much of a pull this film is having.

I'm a very happy girl.
2010-05-16 06:04 pm
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I want to break something

When this degree is over i never EVER want to hear the words 'The Open University' again. NEVER.

I am this close to throwing myself off a cliff right now.
2010-03-14 08:47 pm
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Happy Day

In celebration of my cousin's baptism tonight in a service that was truly amazing.

2010-01-14 05:38 pm


Now i'm not much of a Facebook user, i'll admit that, but last week Stargate actors [Garry Chalk] (Colonel Chekov) and [Dan Payne] (Many different Wraith and Supersoldiers) added me as friends on there. And you know what? That really made my week.

I get home from work just now and in my email inbox is a friend request from [Erick Avari] (Kasuf). I love Erick. I met him in 2006 and he was such a gentleman. He also has the softest cheeks i have ever known and he added me as a friend on Facebook. He. Added. ME. I am really fighting the urge to cackle loudly and madly especially since my profile picture is of Erick, my brother and myself from the 2006 Gatecon. This has made my YEAR.

"Erick Avari added you as a friend on Facebook. We need to confirm that you know Erick in order for you to be friends on Facebook."

Naturally, i confirmed.
2009-12-23 07:19 pm

Merry Christmas everyone!

If you want a giggle and get further into the Christmas spirit, be sure to check out Ant, Dec and Robbie Williams singing 'White Christmas'...it puts a smile on my face everytime i watch it.

Nadolig Llawen!

2009-08-29 02:16 pm

I wanna take you to the Ice Bar, Ice Bar

So i've just gotten back from a fantastic trip to London with the family. Monday night was spent at the Drury Lane Theatre watching 'Oliver!'. Jodie Prenger who won 'I'd Do Anything' last year was playing Nancy, [Omid Djalili] was playing Fagin (who was so funny he had me in tears at one point), and of course [Burn Gorman] who played Owen Harper in Torchwood was playing the Nasty Bill Sykes. It wasn't my favourite musical, as Les Miserables still holds that position, but i certainly enjoyed myself a great deal, and had a lot of fun singing the songs!

We spent Tuesday day at the London Dungeons, which was the second time i'd been there, Tuesday afternoon in Hamley's and then in the evening we went to a Bar and Restaurant known as [Below Zero], which has a room, bar, seats and drinking glasses made out of ice, and it was absolutely incredible. We were only allowed to spend 40 minutes in there for Health and Safety reasons, and we had to wear parkas...but i had a lot of fun in there trying to eat my glass once i'd finished my cocktail....unfortunately i didn't make much progress. But i tried!

Below Zero pics - Beware Large Photos! )

After the 40 minutes in the bar, we went to the restaurant for accoustics night. Meal-wise, we were told to pick 2 small meals and 1 side order, before selecting our dessert...and the food was absolutely divine. Expensive....but so so good. I would recommend this place to anyone!
2009-08-16 12:45 pm
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Clearing off the hard-drive...

Going through some old documents on the parents computer, i discovered several saved word documents containing codes to quizzes that i'd taken, but never bothered to post. So in order to delete them from the computer, i've decided to post them (with the original answers) here for prosperity, as i think some of them are still pretty cool (and one or two decidedly less so).

Old quizzes this way.... )
2009-07-10 11:29 am
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I've never had a tv show break my heart and crush it to tiny pieces before. It's almost pathetic - i keep wanting to cry. Over a tv show.

I'm getting a divorce - this is definitely not healthy.
2009-05-29 05:23 pm
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Britain's Got Talent

Interesting things always seem to happen to everybody else.

For the last two days, my dad has come home from work saying he has seen the TARDIS from the train. Which totally isn't fair! First 'Torchwood' filming, then the TARDIS!

And then i get a text message off my mum while on her way to London today saying that she's on the same train as the family of tonights 'Britain's Got Talent' entry [Greg Pritchard], who were on their way up to London to support him tonight (he'll be singing 'Barcelona' btw). I wanna see something/one cool!

Still, i get to use my lovely Ant and Dec icon *pets*. I love those boys. ♥
2009-05-05 07:38 pm
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Dom DeLouise

According to different news sites [here] and [here], actor Dom DeLuise died yesterday in a hospital in LA, at the age of 75.

While the only memorable role i've seen him in is as Urgo in Stargate SG1 - it remains my favourite episode, one of the few that i can watch over and over again - purely because he makes me laugh watching it every single time without fail. All the commentries surrounding that episode made him sound like such a wonderful man, and my heart goes out to his whole family.

This makes me unbelievable sad. R.I.P Dom - thank you for the endless laughter. ♥
2009-05-02 01:35 pm

Why does time have to fly?

I can't believe it's been nearly 6 months since i've updated this journal. I can't believe we're already in May, and 2009 is nearly halfway through. Is the rest of life going to fly by at this insane pace? If it is...stop the ride - i want to get off! Lol!

I've been insanely busy these last few months, working on two courses at the same time, working (both paid and voluntary) and trying to develop a social life (and so far, i think i'm managing okay!)

★My LSA course is due to finish at the end of May, and i have a whole mountain of courswork left to go. My assessment and observation by the class teacher has yet to happen due to several postponements, and while at first i didn't mind, now with the end of the course approaching and a lot of coursework relying on said assessment, i'm starting to feel the clock ticking and the pressure building. I'm both excited and terrified at the end of this course. Excited, because it hasn't been the most mentally stimulating course, and i'm glad to see the back of boredom and courswork, and terrified because after the course is over i a.) have to look for an LSA job in a new school because the current one doesn't have any jobs going, and b.) learn to drive, which was a target i set myself once this course is over. When i said i would learn to drive in May all the way back in January, i had no idea May would swing around so fast - i'm not ready!

★My OU course on the otherhand is going incredibly well. It's called "Environmental Control and Public Health' which focuses on environmental policies and legislations, and way to improve environmental and living conditions in both the developed and developing countries (full details can be found here). While i'm not really enjoying the course, as i prefer learning about the physical world like glaciers, oceans and volcanoes, one thing that i've learnt during my studies with the OU is that the courses i don't like are the ones i do better with. The two assigments i've done with this course so far have recieved 96% and 100% respectively and while i'm estatic with the grades (i've never had grades that high since I was like 12), it leaves me wondering if the assessors actually read what i submitted - i'm telling you, they were both piles of bull$&!@.

★I managed to destroy my computer again last month, but luckily the technical minded brother was around to reformat the whole thing. I lost some stuff, but it was no-where near as emotionally devastating as losing the 500GB of photos, videos, coursework/school work and references, as when my younger brother accidently kicked and destroyed my external hard drive back in November.

★I've gotten back in touch with three old school friends, one whom i've met up with once, one whom i've met up with twice, and another i'm hoping to meet up with soon.

★And finally! I've been to London, done a Duck Tour and saw Dirty Dancing and We Will Rock You. While i preferred WWRY, i am still somewhat boggled how someone came up with such an 'out-there' story to link all the Queen songs together! That was a seriously bizarre story! But the singing was great :o)

Here's to it not being another 6 months before an update! ♥
2008-11-14 09:35 am
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Happy Birthday To You!

Hope you have a fantastic day!  I'm glad you liked the card, although i'm sure it classes as cheating to open it a day early!

Because you won't get your present from me until next week, head over to [livejournal.com profile] perfume_world for a little something.  It's not a story (because we both know how good i am at avoiding it), but hopefully you will like them.