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So i've just gotten back from a fantastic trip to London with the family. Monday night was spent at the Drury Lane Theatre watching 'Oliver!'. Jodie Prenger who won 'I'd Do Anything' last year was playing Nancy, [Omid Djalili] was playing Fagin (who was so funny he had me in tears at one point), and of course [Burn Gorman] who played Owen Harper in Torchwood was playing the Nasty Bill Sykes. It wasn't my favourite musical, as Les Miserables still holds that position, but i certainly enjoyed myself a great deal, and had a lot of fun singing the songs!

We spent Tuesday day at the London Dungeons, which was the second time i'd been there, Tuesday afternoon in Hamley's and then in the evening we went to a Bar and Restaurant known as [Below Zero], which has a room, bar, seats and drinking glasses made out of ice, and it was absolutely incredible. We were only allowed to spend 40 minutes in there for Health and Safety reasons, and we had to wear parkas...but i had a lot of fun in there trying to eat my glass once i'd finished my cocktail....unfortunately i didn't make much progress. But i tried!

Some of these pictures are not very clear because to capture the blue tint that lit the room, the flash had to be off - and my camera is rubbish at taking pictures with flash off. The less blue/more glass-looking pictures were taken with the flash on.

The Bar
Bar The Second
Pillars and wall
It's not clear, but above the button are the words 'don't push'. When it IS pushed there's an electrical buzzing noise and the lights start to flash in the area - it's very funny.
Wall decoration 1
Wall decoration 2
Wall decoration 3 - behind which you can see 'windows' to the street outside
Seating area
Another seating area
Third seating area
Photobucket The ice glass wot i tried to eat (the drink itself was called 'Absolut Metal Polisher' and contained 'Absolut' vanilla vodka, coffee liqueur and vanilla syrup...it tasted a lot like Bailey's.

After the 40 minutes in the bar, we went to the restaurant for accoustics night. Meal-wise, we were told to pick 2 small meals and 1 side order, before selecting our dessert...and the food was absolutely divine. Expensive....but so so good. I would recommend this place to anyone!

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Date: 2009-08-30 04:14 pm (UTC)
luthienberen: (Jim Kirk)
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"Ooooooo" "Ahhhhhh!" See? I told you I'd get in my requesite 'ooooooinng' and 'ahhhhhing' in. :P

Seriously though, these picutres are fabulous. I would freeze but it certainly would be an experience that place! As for the 1st wall dec my first thought was: 'Upside down ST shirt emblem.' Aaannnnd, that is a sign that Star Trek is taking over my life.

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