When this degree is over i never EVER want to hear the words 'The Open University' again. NEVER.

I am this close to throwing myself off a cliff right now.
I can't believe it's been nearly 6 months since i've updated this journal. I can't believe we're already in May, and 2009 is nearly halfway through. Is the rest of life going to fly by at this insane pace? If it is...stop the ride - i want to get off! Lol!

I've been insanely busy these last few months, working on two courses at the same time, working (both paid and voluntary) and trying to develop a social life (and so far, i think i'm managing okay!)

★My LSA course is due to finish at the end of May, and i have a whole mountain of courswork left to go. My assessment and observation by the class teacher has yet to happen due to several postponements, and while at first i didn't mind, now with the end of the course approaching and a lot of coursework relying on said assessment, i'm starting to feel the clock ticking and the pressure building. I'm both excited and terrified at the end of this course. Excited, because it hasn't been the most mentally stimulating course, and i'm glad to see the back of boredom and courswork, and terrified because after the course is over i a.) have to look for an LSA job in a new school because the current one doesn't have any jobs going, and b.) learn to drive, which was a target i set myself once this course is over. When i said i would learn to drive in May all the way back in January, i had no idea May would swing around so fast - i'm not ready!

★My OU course on the otherhand is going incredibly well. It's called "Environmental Control and Public Health' which focuses on environmental policies and legislations, and way to improve environmental and living conditions in both the developed and developing countries (full details can be found here). While i'm not really enjoying the course, as i prefer learning about the physical world like glaciers, oceans and volcanoes, one thing that i've learnt during my studies with the OU is that the courses i don't like are the ones i do better with. The two assigments i've done with this course so far have recieved 96% and 100% respectively and while i'm estatic with the grades (i've never had grades that high since I was like 12), it leaves me wondering if the assessors actually read what i submitted - i'm telling you, they were both piles of bull$&!@.

★I managed to destroy my computer again last month, but luckily the technical minded brother was around to reformat the whole thing. I lost some stuff, but it was no-where near as emotionally devastating as losing the 500GB of photos, videos, coursework/school work and references, as when my younger brother accidently kicked and destroyed my external hard drive back in November.

★I've gotten back in touch with three old school friends, one whom i've met up with once, one whom i've met up with twice, and another i'm hoping to meet up with soon.

★And finally! I've been to London, done a Duck Tour and saw Dirty Dancing and We Will Rock You. While i preferred WWRY, i am still somewhat boggled how someone came up with such an 'out-there' story to link all the Queen songs together! That was a seriously bizarre story! But the singing was great :o)

Here's to it not being another 6 months before an update! ♥
Seeing as how it's been a few months since i last posted, i figured it was time to post an update on life :o)

Every year i make the resolution to be more active in lj, and to make more of an effort to respond to my friend's list...and this year was no exception - and i was going to! Until my computer broke. Over Christmas we were planning on reformatting the hard-drives on my computer as it hasn't been working properly for a long time now, so there i was, backing up everything on the new external hard-drive that i'd brought, when one of my drives chooses that moment to fail. Luckily i'd backed up the majority of stuff, but it turns out the computer motherboard died...so no computer. My poor brother took my computer with him back to Aberystwyth when he went back to uni, so hopefully i'll get it back February half term...Easter at the latest. Of it would happen just as my new course begins, which co-incidently relies heavily on the use of a computer. Luckily i have a nice family who don't mind me hogging theirs for the time being!

In other news...Torchwood has eaten my brain again. Seriously...there's another 11 episodes to go. There is no physical way i can possibly maintain the level of excitement that i have for Torchwood for another 11 weeks...i may possibly explode. But....Jack/Ianto!! How do i love thee...i love that it's canon (for now...i keep waiting to be disappointed...and i really hope i won't be), i love that it's hot...and i love that the kiss in my icon will be on tv tomorrow night. *dies* I will seriously explode. What with Stargate Atlantis becoming the love story for John and Rodney, and Jack and Ianto living the love story (With aliens as a bonus on both shows) live couldn't get any better!

I'm back working with two new kids last week...and already watching them progress and recognise new words fills me with so much glee - i can't believe i was planning on giving up the voluntary stuff....it's soooo fulfilling! When they get words right that they previously didn't know...it's confidence building for both me and them. It's so much fun!

And i think Joan is beginning to warm up to me now. In the past she used to undermine me with the children at lunchtime, and make sarky comments but lately she's been much nicer and is actually talking to me, and she's started bringing me pudding from the kitchen after all the kids are gone. I hated school dinners when i was at that school, but i loved the pudding...and now i'm getting them again!

And today i received mail from the Open University announcing that i've won the 'Julian Hodge Award' , for getting a distinction in my T172 Technology course. I've been invited to an awards ceremony on my birthday, where i will get a certificate and a cheque for £225 and they want me to write a profile that they can send to the local newspapers and use in the OU magazines. Don't think i'll be doing that bit...i hate getting any sort of public attention, so i'm not sure whether to go the awards ceremony. But! That money covers half the cost for this new course i'm doing! Working hard literally pays!

Are you guys all okay? *Pokes friends list*

*Goes back to staring at The Icon Of Love*
Just a quick update to let people know i'm still alive (i'm not supposed to be playing on the internet at the moment until my exams are over, but Peter Petrelli was summoning me to obtain Mondays episode of Heroes....)

One exam down, one more to go! You know, i'd completely forgotten how painful it is to write for 3 hours straight...my hand kept cramping - i'm just not used to writing large amounts anymore *sniffs*. I dread to think what the examiner will make of my handwriting - it started off all nice and pretty, and by page 12 i was looking at it and thinking 'what the heck did i write there?' Still, am on a post-exam high right now *bounces*. One week to go!!!

Something else that fills me with glee: Reports announcing that Vin Diesel and Paul Walker are in talks for 'The Fast and the Furious 4'. Just the chance that it might happen fills me with happiness. I adored their characters Dom and Brian in the first film (and second film for Paul), and i REALLY hope they both sign - i want more of their gay love! If only to encourage people to write more fanfic in that fandom, because there isn't enough. Okay, yes, i selfishly want Maygra to write more in her 'Unfinished Business' 'verse, because that series is my all time favourite piece of fanfiction - it's my happy place, so more of it would be fantabulous!

[livejournal.com profile] luthienberen, i've done half of TWWC...i'm doing bits in my revision breaks, but i'm not quite done yet. I'm really really sorry! *grovels*


Aug. 27th, 2007 03:14 pm
*Dusts off LJ* Does this thing still work?

I know i'm bad at updating this - but i think i now have a new record - nearly 4 months without updating? I've impressed myself!

I've spent the last few months working on assignments and projects (one about local municipal waste, the other about succession on sand dunes), and some of the pressure has finally lifted. Thank goodness for school summer holidays - i don't think i would have managed it if i'd had to work as well! But still, only 2 more assigments to go, then the exams. We've decided that we're going to be doing Gatecon in October - and that's the day after my final exam, so i've got something to look forward too! Colin Cunningham is attending again (Major Paul Davis), Teryl Rothery will be there (Dr. Janet Frasier) and Carmen Armensomething (who plays Jacob Carter...i can never remember his surname), so i'm quite looking forward to it! My parents are paying this time, so it means i may still be able to do Peg 3 in January.

High School Musical 2. Is it sad that as old as i am, i love a good sing-a-long and love those films? I saw 'Hairspray' earlier this week, and while i thought it was a bit too long, i loved the soundtrack - there's some really good songs on there! I also saw 'Transformers'...another love of my childhood - my brother and sister both enjoyed it, and i did too! And they both agreed that 'Rush Hour 3' was much funnier than 'The Simpsons Movie'. I'm not a big Simpson fan...but i thought the film was crap.

I got back last night from seeing Les Miserables in London on saturday...absolutely brilliant performance. They had John Owen-Jones playing Jean Valjean, who is the most amazing singer, and blows me away every time. Here is a recording of him singing 'Bring Him Home' from Les Miserables sung at the Jones, Jones, Jones concert in Cardiff a few months ago (and for those wondering - the introduction is in Welsh) which shows not only his vocal range, but his strength as well - everytime i hear him sing that song, i get shivers down my spine. The first time my mum and i saw him was in 2002, playing Valjean in London, then in 2004 we saw him quite by accident playing the role of the Phantom in the Phantom of the Opera in the West End, and this time we deliberately picked to see him again. What can i say? He's Welsh, good-looking and has a beautiful voice - what more could a girl want? ♥
So on Saturday, after my very interesting tutorial *cough cough*, i decided that i would go to see 'Sunshine' in the cinema. You know, this was a film that i'd seen advertised and thought it would be one of those 'end of the world' sci-fi films that i do so love. And i couldn't find anyone to go with. So being the brave person that i am, went to see it on my own.

Now i wish i'd seen it with someone else...just so i could actually talk to someone who's seen it as well. Because Sunshine? I am incredibly in love with. I'm not going to spoil it for anyone who's thinking about seeing it...but really, if you are thinking of going - go already! It's not your normal doomsday film. They all pale in comparison. The soundtrack is the most awesome soundtrack i've ever heard (and i own quite a large number of soundtracks), and it set the tone of the film so brilliantly. The cinematography was beautiful, the acting was great, the characters were 3D, and the plot was developed very tastefully, but really, the plot wasn't the main focus - it was the characters. I'm so in love enough with it that i downloaded it (and it isn't even that great a quality), just to tide me over 'til the DVD comes out...because this film deserves to make money. Has anyone else seen it?

And because everyone else is doing it:

Although i don't understand why the film is called 'The Golden Compass'...none of the books are named that but I really do hope that they do do the books justice!

ETA: [livejournal.com profile] luthienberen - thank you for letting me know that the friends list can be filtered...have finally found out how to do it, and have now sorted everything into categories! You have saved me major pains...this will make it so much easier not to miss out on the posts i actually want to see :o) See you Sat!
I finally got my results to the course i finished in June. *Giggles crazily*. I got a distinction! People will probably think i'm showing off (which of course i am!) but ever since my health started going crazy, i was only getting just passable grades - so this is the first time in ages that i'm actually happy with my grade. *Bounces*

Carry on.

I'm back!

Jun. 1st, 2006 01:56 pm
After much pain and torture i finally got rid of the coursework pieces (last one went in the post an hour ago), although i must confess i may have cheated just a little bit on the internet thing. I also played 108 games of freecell, and read all the stories that i had on my hard drive in order to avoid working. But still! It's all over until July!

I've spent the last week watching 'Firefly'...and i honestly don't understand why they cancelled the show. My aunt has been going on and on about it every time i've seen her this last year, and i didn't have the channel so i managed to avoid watching it for so long. I brought the box set in March, and after watching the first 5 minutes promptly turned it off. Until this week.

I'm now 1 and 1/2 episodes away from the end, and i'm trying to drag it out as long as possible. 'Serenity' the film should be arriving on the weekend, so i'll have a bit more to watch although i'm dreading it, because apparently Wash dies. They kill off my favourite character. And Zoe/Wash...i finally found a het pairing i love and they go and kill off the husband :o( Their relationship wasn't 'in your face' and it was mainly about the little touches. *Points to icon* They're so beautiful together. Nasssty Joss Whedan.

Oh! And 'X-Factor Battle of the Stars'! How awful is the majority of the singing? I must confess that although the Chefs are terrible, they're so funny to watch! But Chris Moyles all the way baybey!

Off to take the others to the cinema now to see 'The Wild'. Ciao!


May. 21st, 2006 07:45 pm
As soon as i've posted this, i'm going to be unplugging the internet for the next 7 - 10 days. Why? I have 2 pieces of coursework due in, in the next 2 weeks and there's no way they're going to get done as long as i have access to McShep fanfiction. I have absolutely no restraint when it comes this - so i have to remove the distraction...therefore: no internet.

Hopefully it will work, because lets face it - the longer i'm offline, the more fics i'm missing, so i'm hoping that they will provide the so called 'carrot in front of my nose' to motivate me.

I went ice skating again today...and i fell over spectacularly - consequently, i've badly hurt my coccyx. It's absolute agony to walk, and even worse sitting down, so i'm highly dosing on painkillers. I'm woman enough to admit that when it happened, the pain was so bad everything blacked out, and i couldn't hear the music or people talking to me - plus i completely lost the concept of time. I'm not sure whether i should be concerned that this is the second time in 3 weeks that i have/nearly fainted. I'm not a fainter.

I haven't gotten into the new Big Brother yet - and i doubt i will, but it's been on the news that the 2 Welsh housemates have been banned from speaking welsh to each other because other contestants see it as speaking a code. People! there are 2 3/4 million people living in Wales - trust me when i say it isn't a secret language...even Elvish fanatics of the 'Lord of the Rings' films would be able to understand the odd welsh word - because they used welsh for some of it.

Why oh why is there no decent Foreman/Chase fanfiction? Ever since my dream about them, i've been craving slash about them - but can i find any good stuff? No...all the stuff i've found is rather mediocre...i think the SGA fandom has completely ruined me for quality. :o(

Anyway, see everyone on the other side! *Waves*



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