So i've just gotten back from a fantastic trip to London with the family. Monday night was spent at the Drury Lane Theatre watching 'Oliver!'. Jodie Prenger who won 'I'd Do Anything' last year was playing Nancy, [Omid Djalili] was playing Fagin (who was so funny he had me in tears at one point), and of course [Burn Gorman] who played Owen Harper in Torchwood was playing the Nasty Bill Sykes. It wasn't my favourite musical, as Les Miserables still holds that position, but i certainly enjoyed myself a great deal, and had a lot of fun singing the songs!

We spent Tuesday day at the London Dungeons, which was the second time i'd been there, Tuesday afternoon in Hamley's and then in the evening we went to a Bar and Restaurant known as [Below Zero], which has a room, bar, seats and drinking glasses made out of ice, and it was absolutely incredible. We were only allowed to spend 40 minutes in there for Health and Safety reasons, and we had to wear parkas...but i had a lot of fun in there trying to eat my glass once i'd finished my cocktail....unfortunately i didn't make much progress. But i tried!

Below Zero pics - Beware Large Photos! )

After the 40 minutes in the bar, we went to the restaurant for accoustics night. Meal-wise, we were told to pick 2 small meals and 1 side order, before selecting our dessert...and the food was absolutely divine. Expensive....but so so good. I would recommend this place to anyone!
I'm back! Had an absolutely fantastic time in Switzerland and have literally taken about 600 photos - i'm hoping that some of them will actually be decent...i've taken enough! But the whole country was brilliant...spent a couple of days in Ouchy (Lausanne) and Geneva and a week each in Interlaken and Susten, and we spent every single day outside doing things like going up the Jungfraujoch and Saas Fee and swimming in Lake Thun (bloody freezing). But it's so beautiful there! And the cows really do have bells on (i took so many recordings of the sound). And the mountains really do have snow on them in the summer - and i got a suntan while having a snowball cool!! And...and...and....wait for it...they have whole towns where cars aren't allowed! For those that don't know me in real life - i'm a bit of a the whole no car thing was incredible, and the air was so clean!

I'm ready to go back.

But it seems that all the good stuff happens while i'm away! I come back and Cassie Claire has finally finished the 'Draco Trilogy'. While i've grown out of that was nice to finally have closure for it, knowing there's no more chapters coming - i mean 'Draco Veritas' was started back in 2001 - so it's kind of nice being able to close the door on that particular fic.

And Lance Bass from *NSYNC has come out as being gay. Why did i have to be away when he announced that? I love *NSYNC. I used to read slash about *NSYNC (albeit, none about Lance)...but i came across it completely by accident! If i hadn't gone far enough back in someone's journal to see what i'd missed i'd never have known (and what sort of fan would that have made me?) But anyway....go Lance! Which reminds me in Geneva, i saw two biker men (you know the kind: long beards and leather) holding hands walking down the street...and that made me smile :o) Although...whether the smile was in support of two men holding hands in public or because it was two biker men - i'm not sure.

And i've caught up on the last three weeks of SG:A and SG1. I take back everything i said about Atlantis in my last post. The last couple of episodes of it were really good...and then you had Sadeta. I'm not a big Ronan fan (heck i think everyone knows i'm a Sheppard and McKay girl) - but that episode completely blew me away. Possibly my favourite episode of the entire 3 series, it was that good. And SG1 has so far remained the same standard which i'm surprised about. I'm really enjoying this series a lot more than the last one. It's Stargate SG1 again. Remusly...they've all gone back to the beginning - back to what i loved about the show.

Gatecon in 4 days!
People know i'm a big Stargate fan right? And that since SG:A began, my loyalties from SG1 have shifted over to the Pegasus galaxy...because SG1 has frankly become quite boring.

But after watching the series premiere's for season 10 of SG1 and season 3 of SG:A - i have to say i preferred SG1's opener. I've read so many reviews of people saying how much they loved Atlantis' opener - but i really didn't like it. I think i must be the only person who didn't like the opener. The acting seemed off to me, and scenes seemed stilted, and Rodney seemed too forced like they were trying to hard to make him funny. I honestly didn't like it. SG1 on the other hand: okay so there were two moments where i thought WTF?! (namely Daniel and Cameron abandoning ship without even trying to save anyone else), but i enjoyed it so much more than Atlantis. Which is rather strange for me nowadays.

Maybe i just wasn't in the right frame of mind when i watched Atlantis...

Am off to Switzerland on Saturday, so this will be my last post for a couple of weeks. Not sure whether i'll post again before or after Gatecon, but we'll see. My german is improving! I've decided not to let it slip again, and will probably try to hunt out some german lj's so i can keep brushing up on it.

Hope everyone is enjoying the weather!
Who are your Star Trek Slash parents? by jenniferlupin
Your Parents
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Huh. It's been a while since i've read any slash fics with them in. (Yes I did used to read Julian/Garak fics, and no i didn't cheat). I have an urge to re-watch DS9 now - because that episode they've capped for this (Our Man Bashir) - is so my favourite episode with the two of them.

In other's one thing being an A-grade student in German five years ago. It's another thing to be spending two-weeks in the German part of Switzerland, and being informed that i have to do the translating.

And i've also just realised i've been overdosing on my medication. No wonder i haven't been sleeping. Woe is me.



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