Take That

Jun. 23rd, 2006 11:26 am
I went to see Take That in the Millennium Stadium on Wednesday night - and i'm still buzzing! I think i'm doing everyone's head in with the (bad) singing...but i really don't seem to be able to help myself.

The concert was incredible. For those that don't know, Take That was the biggest group in the UK after The Beatles, but they split up 10 years ago. This come back tour? Okay so Robbie Williams didn't show, but the other guys still have enough power to achieve 65,000 fans...in my venue alone. They can still dance, they still look great - and boy can they sing! I wasn't the biggest fan of theirs...didn't know half the songs - but the atmosphere was just amazing. Especially when they made us sing the Welsh National Anthem. You can't possibly feel more patriotic than when 65,000 people break into the Anthem. *Happy sigh*

That was just to go with an already fantastic day. I love my job. Joan the Moan continuously tries to belittle me and embarrass me in front of everyone...but it's all worthwhile, when a 9 year old comes up to you with a chocolate bar and insists you have several pieces because "you're a special dinner lady". I just...chocolate aside - i couldn't have hoped for anything as nice to be said. Just thinking about it gets me emotional!

Also - happy birthday [livejournal.com profile] nakedwesley: despite the fact you're working and can't go to see Dave Matthew's, i hope you still have a fantastic day!



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