Jun. 13th, 2006 08:09 pm
Since i've had a rather crap day concerning Joan, a dinner lady that has decided to make my life a misery, i've decided to treat myself with a new banner.

As much as i liked the old one, i thought i should go for a more general one, for when i get fed up with the SG:A fandom (which i really don't think will happen anytime soon) and so that i don't come across as too obsessed with John and Rodney. Again, it's not brilliant because i'm still learning, but i rather like it ♥ plus, this layout has grown on me as well, so i've decided to keep it :o)

I've finished 'Firefly' and i'm now dragging out 'Serenity', and i can say with all honesty, that if the show hadn't been cancelled, it would so have been my favourite programme. Also, why did no-one tell me Sheppard Book dies?! I've prepared myself for Wash to go, but Book came as a shock...unless he isn't really dead, and lets face it, Joss Whedan likes to do that. (And yes - the lyrics in the banner are from the 'Firefly' theme tune 'Battle of Serenity' - they're absolutely gorgeous IMO)

I've also given in with 'Supernatural', and in a fit of madness have hopped on the Sam/Dean Wincest bandwagon - there's some surprisingly good stuff going around...and yes - i disgust myself sometimes.

And oh! Seamus and Dean returned to [ profile] outside_leaky for their one-year wedding anniversary special! *Pets teh boys* The 'Leaky' verse isn't the same without them - reading it made me realize how much i missed them there.

[ profile] luthienberen, i read that latest know you can always talk to me right?

ETA: I take that back - i hadn't prepared myself for Wash to die. Okay...well the death i could deal with. Zoe's response was heartbreaking - and the brief funeral scene got me teary. Not to mention the dinosaurs still at the helm. And Book stays dead. Wah.


Apr. 18th, 2006 09:20 pm
I've just made my first header image for this journal. I think it's okay if you don't look too hard at it - but my Paint Shop Pro skills need a lot of work!

I've had to change the layout and style of the journal as i couldn't find a tutorial on how to upload it to the layout i had - so i'm not sure about this new layout! Not too fond of the colours, but they work with the image.....i think! (I've never been particularly artistic).

Anyway - what do people think? Yay or nay?

New Layout

Feb. 1st, 2005 01:28 pm i've changed my lj layout to match my new icon (which i am very proud of!)

I have now made 2 icons that i like - so i think i'm starting to make progress.

[ profile] luthienberen - i'm off to beta that fic now...hopefully i wont mess it up too much!



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