Seeing as how it's been a few months since i last posted, i figured it was time to post an update on life :o)

Every year i make the resolution to be more active in lj, and to make more of an effort to respond to my friend's list...and this year was no exception - and i was going to! Until my computer broke. Over Christmas we were planning on reformatting the hard-drives on my computer as it hasn't been working properly for a long time now, so there i was, backing up everything on the new external hard-drive that i'd brought, when one of my drives chooses that moment to fail. Luckily i'd backed up the majority of stuff, but it turns out the computer motherboard no computer. My poor brother took my computer with him back to Aberystwyth when he went back to uni, so hopefully i'll get it back February half term...Easter at the latest. Of it would happen just as my new course begins, which co-incidently relies heavily on the use of a computer. Luckily i have a nice family who don't mind me hogging theirs for the time being!

In other news...Torchwood has eaten my brain again. Seriously...there's another 11 episodes to go. There is no physical way i can possibly maintain the level of excitement that i have for Torchwood for another 11 weeks...i may possibly explode. But....Jack/Ianto!! How do i love thee...i love that it's canon (for now...i keep waiting to be disappointed...and i really hope i won't be), i love that it's hot...and i love that the kiss in my icon will be on tv tomorrow night. *dies* I will seriously explode. What with Stargate Atlantis becoming the love story for John and Rodney, and Jack and Ianto living the love story (With aliens as a bonus on both shows) live couldn't get any better!

I'm back working with two new kids last week...and already watching them progress and recognise new words fills me with so much glee - i can't believe i was planning on giving up the voluntary's soooo fulfilling! When they get words right that they previously didn't's confidence building for both me and them. It's so much fun!

And i think Joan is beginning to warm up to me now. In the past she used to undermine me with the children at lunchtime, and make sarky comments but lately she's been much nicer and is actually talking to me, and she's started bringing me pudding from the kitchen after all the kids are gone. I hated school dinners when i was at that school, but i loved the pudding...and now i'm getting them again!

And today i received mail from the Open University announcing that i've won the 'Julian Hodge Award' , for getting a distinction in my T172 Technology course. I've been invited to an awards ceremony on my birthday, where i will get a certificate and a cheque for £225 and they want me to write a profile that they can send to the local newspapers and use in the OU magazines. Don't think i'll be doing that bit...i hate getting any sort of public attention, so i'm not sure whether to go the awards ceremony. But! That money covers half the cost for this new course i'm doing! Working hard literally pays!

Are you guys all okay? *Pokes friends list*

*Goes back to staring at The Icon Of Love*
So I watched '3 x 17 - Sunday' of Stargate Atlantis last night (the one that's just aired in Canada), and without spoiling the episode, all i have to say about it is: I haven't cried watching an episode of Stargate since Daniel died in Season 5. I'm quite an emotional person, and i do tend to empathise - when someone is upset, i get upset (even if it's just a soap), and i'll admit i cry very easily...i was close to tears watching '3 x 14 - Tao of Rodney' the other week. But 'Sunday'? Broke. my. heart. I don't think i'll be able to watch the last half of that ever again. Well, except the part with (Highlight for slight spoiler) John talking to Teyla in his dress blues *drools* (with the sound turned off - because i can't listen to the subject).  But no. Never again.

And in other news: this whole Celebrity Big Brother debacle. It's like a car accident - you don't want to look, but you can't turn away. Every year i tell myself 'i wont watch it', and i always do. This has to be the worst series of it ever though. I sit there watching it in shock over the behaviour of Jade and her cronies - i feel SO sorry for Shilpa in there. I'm just glad she has people she can talk to in there, even if they don't stick up for her. And just to be really shallow - doesn't Dirk Benedict look great for 61? I would have thought he was early 50's - not 60's.

E.T.A Spoilers in comments.
I'm back! Had an absolutely fantastic time in Switzerland and have literally taken about 600 photos - i'm hoping that some of them will actually be decent...i've taken enough! But the whole country was brilliant...spent a couple of days in Ouchy (Lausanne) and Geneva and a week each in Interlaken and Susten, and we spent every single day outside doing things like going up the Jungfraujoch and Saas Fee and swimming in Lake Thun (bloody freezing). But it's so beautiful there! And the cows really do have bells on (i took so many recordings of the sound). And the mountains really do have snow on them in the summer - and i got a suntan while having a snowball cool!! And...and...and....wait for it...they have whole towns where cars aren't allowed! For those that don't know me in real life - i'm a bit of a the whole no car thing was incredible, and the air was so clean!

I'm ready to go back.

But it seems that all the good stuff happens while i'm away! I come back and Cassie Claire has finally finished the 'Draco Trilogy'. While i've grown out of that was nice to finally have closure for it, knowing there's no more chapters coming - i mean 'Draco Veritas' was started back in 2001 - so it's kind of nice being able to close the door on that particular fic.

And Lance Bass from *NSYNC has come out as being gay. Why did i have to be away when he announced that? I love *NSYNC. I used to read slash about *NSYNC (albeit, none about Lance)...but i came across it completely by accident! If i hadn't gone far enough back in someone's journal to see what i'd missed i'd never have known (and what sort of fan would that have made me?) But anyway....go Lance! Which reminds me in Geneva, i saw two biker men (you know the kind: long beards and leather) holding hands walking down the street...and that made me smile :o) Although...whether the smile was in support of two men holding hands in public or because it was two biker men - i'm not sure.

And i've caught up on the last three weeks of SG:A and SG1. I take back everything i said about Atlantis in my last post. The last couple of episodes of it were really good...and then you had Sadeta. I'm not a big Ronan fan (heck i think everyone knows i'm a Sheppard and McKay girl) - but that episode completely blew me away. Possibly my favourite episode of the entire 3 series, it was that good. And SG1 has so far remained the same standard which i'm surprised about. I'm really enjoying this series a lot more than the last one. It's Stargate SG1 again. Remusly...they've all gone back to the beginning - back to what i loved about the show.

Gatecon in 4 days!
People know i'm a big Stargate fan right? And that since SG:A began, my loyalties from SG1 have shifted over to the Pegasus galaxy...because SG1 has frankly become quite boring.

But after watching the series premiere's for season 10 of SG1 and season 3 of SG:A - i have to say i preferred SG1's opener. I've read so many reviews of people saying how much they loved Atlantis' opener - but i really didn't like it. I think i must be the only person who didn't like the opener. The acting seemed off to me, and scenes seemed stilted, and Rodney seemed too forced like they were trying to hard to make him funny. I honestly didn't like it. SG1 on the other hand: okay so there were two moments where i thought WTF?! (namely Daniel and Cameron abandoning ship without even trying to save anyone else), but i enjoyed it so much more than Atlantis. Which is rather strange for me nowadays.

Maybe i just wasn't in the right frame of mind when i watched Atlantis...

Am off to Switzerland on Saturday, so this will be my last post for a couple of weeks. Not sure whether i'll post again before or after Gatecon, but we'll see. My german is improving! I've decided not to let it slip again, and will probably try to hunt out some german lj's so i can keep brushing up on it.

Hope everyone is enjoying the weather!



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