Okay...i think livejournal hates me. A lot of people have funky colours and different sized texts in the LJ user info - why doesn't mine let me do the same? When you look at mine, it's all in the same colour, and the same size. But i've got the coding there for different colouring AND sizing - if i copy and paste my user info text (from the edit page) into this journal entry...it looks all sparkly: yet it doesn't on the user info page. *Bashes LJ* Why not? What am i doing wrong?

Also - i've read several journals where people have posted comments about taking their nanowrimo to work, and/or posting parts of it to their journal. I thought it wasn't meant to start until November? *Confused* Am i meant to have begun already or are these people cheating? If they're starting early, maybe i should...Lord knows i need all the time i can get.

LB - i'm still attempting iconsesss for you. *Offers you flower icon* Do you want this one as a downpayment? Hehehe...I promise i will make a pretty Daniel icon for you...eventually. *Bashes Paintshop* Why won't you do what i want you to do?

Maybe it's just my computer.


Mar. 28th, 2006 08:29 pm
Today we had to take my sister to the dentist which is in Bristol. I spent the journey to the dentist planning out the fic that i'm writing for [livejournal.com profile] luthienberen. On the way back i'd planned to do the same thing. Until a bunny bit me (Metaphorically of course).

Except it wasn't for the fic i was meant to be writing. It's a Stargate Atlantis Fic....Grease style. *Headdesk* Seriously - all i did was play the Grease soundtrack on my iPod, while planning LB's fic, and suddenly i thought to myself 'Hey...John is so Danny, and Rodney is Sandy!'. And i giggled all the way home. I haven't watched Grease since i was 13, but i remember a lot of scenes from it...and the soundtrack always brings back memories - but i already have several of the scenes i DO remember mapped out. The whole piercing Sandy's ear? Rodney would SO freak over a little bit of blood.

So...[livejournal.com profile] luthienberen, how familiar are you with Grease? And that next bit of the fic you sent me? You so don't have anything to worry about with it....it's fab! I will try to email you tomorrow ♥.



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