Just a quick update to let people know i'm still alive (i'm not supposed to be playing on the internet at the moment until my exams are over, but Peter Petrelli was summoning me to obtain Mondays episode of Heroes....)

One exam down, one more to go! You know, i'd completely forgotten how painful it is to write for 3 hours straight...my hand kept cramping - i'm just not used to writing large amounts anymore *sniffs*. I dread to think what the examiner will make of my handwriting - it started off all nice and pretty, and by page 12 i was looking at it and thinking 'what the heck did i write there?' Still, am on a post-exam high right now *bounces*. One week to go!!!

Something else that fills me with glee: Reports announcing that Vin Diesel and Paul Walker are in talks for 'The Fast and the Furious 4'. Just the chance that it might happen fills me with happiness. I adored their characters Dom and Brian in the first film (and second film for Paul), and i REALLY hope they both sign - i want more of their gay love! If only to encourage people to write more fanfic in that fandom, because there isn't enough. Okay, yes, i selfishly want Maygra to write more in her 'Unfinished Business' 'verse, because that series is my all time favourite piece of fanfiction - it's my happy place, so more of it would be fantabulous!

[livejournal.com profile] luthienberen, i've done half of TWWC...i'm doing bits in my revision breaks, but i'm not quite done yet. I'm really really sorry! *grovels*



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