Way, way back, like, 12 years ago, Pogs was a game that took over many schools.  I remember playing Pogs every break-time and lunch time.  And yesterday i caved on e-bay and brought a few more boxes packs to add to my rather worn collection.  Having sorted through my collection, it has come to my attention that i am missing only 1 Pog from the Series 2 collection to make it's completion.  Which is rather frustrating.  1 Pog!  I'm currently debating the worth of hunting down that last Pog in order to ease that obsessive compulsion of having a complete set.  Not to mention i may have started collecting the Pogs World Tour series too.  Oh the kini's are so pretty.

Okay.  Dilemma time.  My friend is having a birthday party next week which i have been invited to go to, to which i've said yes, and am regretting it immensely.  Someone please come up with a good excuse for me to use to not go.  Everytime i see this group of 4 friends, 3 of them sit there telling the world how wonderful their life is, how much they're making, how their child is doing, their latest promotion, how the wedding planning is going etc. etc.  I don't think i can listen to that again.  Because me? I can't handle their judgement again.  I love my job as a dinner lady.  I also know it's temporary until i finish my degree and teachers assistant training...but all they see is 'dinner lady', which does not equal something worthwhile.  And it gets me down which equals to me not wanting to go.  But i don't want to be rude.  So please.  Any excuses?

But anywayz.....Pogs!



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